Bonus Content

Bonus Content

30 minutes of never-before-seen extra content featuring leading experts Jackson Katz, Gloria Steinem, Martha Lauzen, Jean Kilbourne, Geena Davis, Rosario Dawson & more. Dive deeper into the problems and explore solutions!

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Bonus Content

14 Videos

  • Bonus Clip: Geena Davis

    Geena Davis talks about her awakening to the issue of women's representation.

  • Desensitization to Violence

    Jackson Katz discusses the impact of exposure to violence through the media

  • Sexualization of Young Girls

    Martha Lauzen, Jean Kilbourne, and others weigh in on the phenomenon of sexualization of younger and younger girls

  • Sexual Violence in Films

    How linking sex and violence reinforces harmful stereotypes.

  • The Beauty Double Standard

    How men and women are held to different standards of beauty/attractiveness at different ages. Featuring Jean Kilbourne.

  • Gender Socialization

    Carol Gilligan, Jackson Katz discuss gender as a social construct.

  • Male Characters in Hollywood

    Hollywood isn't doing so great by men either: our experts discuss.

  • Why Women Need to Write

    Rosario Dawson talks about the importance of women telling their own stories.

  • A World out of Balance

    The policy and cultural ramifications of gender parity in politics and leadership.

  • Lessons from Abroad

    Pat Mitchell talks about the influence of women leaders and their decisions in other countries like Liberia and Chile, and the role of the media and power in the US.

  • An Army of Activists

    Jehmu Green discusses the kind of activism needed to tackle the issue of gender representation in the media.

  • Why Women Compete

    Our experts weigh in on the phenomenon of women competing with each other. What's the cause? What can we do?

  • Reality TV

    Jennifer Pozner discusses the uniquely negative impact of reality telelvision on issues of self-esteem among women and girls.

  • A Separate Template

    Carol Jenkins discusses when women professionals realize they are being measured by a separate set of criteria.